Metal boxes

Take advantage of a metal box, or a container for presenting your products, promoting their sales, or making a high quality, metal box tailored to your product.

We make metal boxes from 90% because our customers want to increase the added value of their product. First of all they want quality packaging or a cover that will be a quality gift with their product and can further be used and constantly promote the original product. We produce boxes in an exclusive design and first-class quality processing and printing!

We provide direct production in factories for metal boxes, one in Europe and another in Asia, mainly China. We are direct manufacturersand so we can offer you the best price and especially qualitative conditions for making your metal box!

Your box can be in any shape, the thickness of the metal will be recommended based on usage and specification of the requirements. We can completely produce the metal box in full color! When highlighting names or logo we use deboss or emboss so that the logo on the box is either "embossed or raised or debossed.” We exclusively use health-conscious materials for the production of boxes for food, chewing gum, candies and more...


The production of snuff boxes are very popular for cigarettes. We also manufacture metal boxes for various products to increase attractiveness and sales promotion, especially a gift metal box for underwear or a board game that is right inside the packaging. Metal boxes for cosmetics and creams. A gift metal box for perfumes. A metal box for gaming novelties for a game console, a metal box for intelligent plasticine. Last but not least, for example, for use in the sale of rifles, cartridges or other smaller items.


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